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Finally! Energy Under Control

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With more than 34 years in business, we at COCHRAN BROTHERS ELECTRIC CO., INC. have grown to be the most consistent and trustworthy electric contractors actively serving Gainesville, GA and surrounding areas. We’d also mention that we’re clearly the most experienced guys around, but hey, we wouldn’t want to brag.

We’ve Got All Your Needs Covered

We service a wide variety of clientele from commercial and industrial businesses as well as residential. Complete electrical installations, automation, robotics and variable frequency drives are just a few examples of services we provide. No matter what you need, we’ve got it covered.

Call the Leading Electrical Contractors

As Gainesville’s leading electrical contractors, we’re known for outstanding customer service and thrive on solving problems both on site and in the plan room. 

If you have worked with us before you’ve seen how diligently, we work to earn your confidence and satisfaction. If you haven’t, we would love to show you how we do business. External link opens in new tab or windowCall us today.